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July 12
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4:21 AM [~adolfo.perez], [~patricia.perez]    Yes, generally speaking  since staging site is the one you should use to create/change models the workflow also should be managed there. However the picture is a bit more complicated because there is an option to NOT stage certain data, like I don't want to stage Blogs. In this case local and remote staging behaves differently, but when local staging the not staged data is created and maintained in the live group, so workflow should be managed there as well (for Not staged models only!). But in case of common, staged components the workflow should be managed on the staging site and only the approved (it is customizable) elements should be able to be published to live. And also yes, regarding what happens when you turn staging off. The live site remains, the staging site is being deleted.    BUT,   Here the workflow setting is made for an individual entity, a DM folder. I've not known about this feature, but in this case this is an entity specific thing, and since we export/import the entities individually, probably this setting should be covered there as well (right know DM doesn't export/import this setting). But this is a decision that DM product team needs to make, because this is a component specific feature. Please consider, that generally all the staged portlets are locked on the live site. Which means the user can't edit those elements, only the view and delete actions are allowed. However in a generic export/import scenario it might makes sense. FYI: [~david.truong]
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