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OpenSocial Gadgets chapter released in Development Guide

Company Blogs October 4, 2012 By Cody Hoag Staff

It's finally here! OpenSocial gadgets is the next great topic now residing in Liferay's Development Guide. Gadgets are similar to portlets because they can be added to your portal's pages and used for all kinds of tasks. Also known as social applications, gadgets share data within well defined networks, facilitating communication of information between groups of users. Furthermore, gadgets are characterized as being simple, widely available, and easy to deploy.

This new comprehensive guide can be found in Chapter 12: Creating and Integrating with OpenSocial Gadgets in the Development Guide. The chapter introduces gadget basics, OAuth technology, PubSub, and a guide for using Liferay Portal's gadget editor. Likewise, fun examples and fully functional code snippets offer a great learning experience for developers.

If you're interested in learning more about OpenSocial gadgets or want to incorporate them into your portal, make sure to visit Liferay's Development Guide!