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Liferay IDE 2.0 Documentation Now Available

General Blogs January 6, 2014 By Cody Hoag Staff

You probably heard about the release of Liferay IDE 2.0 a couple weeks ago, but may have questions as to what is new and improved. Of course, it is compatible with the new Liferay Portal 6.2 release, but what are some of the major additions that make this release so great? The 6.1 and 6.2 Liferay Developer's Guide is now updated to describe some of these awesome new features, and also provides Liferay plugin development examples using Liferay IDE 2.0.

One of the largest additions is the brand new Liferay Plugin Project Wizard supporting both Ant (Plugins SDK) and Maven (liferay-maven-plugin) projects. This means you can now create and modify Maven projects using a graphical interface! There's also a new POM editor featuring five interactive modes, which helps you modify and organize your POM and its dependencies. Having problems resolving your POM's errors? Liferay IDE 2.0 also offers resolution generation for common pom.xml errors.

Greg Amerson wrote a couple useful blogs that introduces Liferay IDE 2.0's new features: Liferay IDE Milestone 1 Update and Liferay IDE Milestone 3 Update.

For examples and documentation on IDE's new features, visit our Working with Liferay's Developer Tools chapter in Liferay's 6.2 Developer's Guide. If you're interested in using Liferay IDE 2.0 for Liferay Portal 6.1, you can reference the Liferay IDE and Developer Studio and Developing Plugins Using Maven chapters of Liferay's 6.1 Developer's Guide. However, these aren't the only places to find IDE related information! IDE examples are sprinkled throughout the guides for most plugin development examples as well (e.g. Developing Portlet Applications chapter has IDE example for developing Liferay portlet plugins). If you're interested in using Liferay IDE 2.0, make sure to take a pitstop at Liferay's Developer's Guide!

Note: If you are interested in contributing content to the Dev Guide or any of our official documents, go to https://github.com/liferay/liferay-docs and follow the README file found in the project root and follow the guide documents found in the guidelines folder.

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These tools are a great help to Liferay... Susan O January 13, 2014 9:50 AM

These tools are a great help to Liferay developers especially with more than 200+ fixes and enhancements in the IDE environment. At Elegant MicroWeb we find that good IDE always helps Liferay developers to improve quality and productivity. The new version of IDE has new features like Maven support and some other Plugin SDK improvements and enhancements and Freemarker Debugger or Theme plugin debugging is very helpful for Theme development.

<a href=”http://www.elegantmicroweb.com/capability/tc/ecm-portal/liferay-portal-dev­­elopment.htm” title=”Liferay Developers”>Liferay Developers</a>
Posted on 1/13/14 9:50 AM.