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Kaleo Designer for Java now in Development Guide

Company Blogs September 17, 2012 By Cody Hoag Staff

The Knowledge Management team is pleased to bring an extensive guide for one of Liferay Developer Studio's newest features: Kaleo Designer for Java. The Kaleo Designer for Java facilitates back-end Java development and scripting to incorporate in your workflows. This feature adds another dimension to working with your Kaleo workflows making it easy for Java developers to enhance workflow business logic.

This new comprehensive guide can be found in Chapter 9: Liferay IDE located within Liferay's Development Guide. The guide introduces background information, features, capabilities, set-up procedures, and a working example for developers to reference when trying out this new feature. Also, snapshots are given for a visual reference. This comprehensive guide gives you a plethora of tips and options about Kaleo Designer for Java hinged on a fun and useful workflow exercise. Lastly, you can visit Greg Amerson's video for a brief visual demo.

If you need assistance or just want to learn more about the Kaleo Designer for Java, this guide is a necessary pit-stop for your workflow development!

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Wow, it looks super complete. Great job guys!. Jorge Ferrer September 17, 2012 1:57 PM

Wow, it looks super complete.

Great job guys!.
Posted on 9/17/12 1:57 PM.