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Symposium Round Up

Company Blogs November 17, 2009 By Bryan Cheung Staff

This is very late in coming, but I wanted to do a recap of our latest round of Symposiums that took place in September and October of 2009. 

Three events took place around the globe in Los Angeles, Frankfurt, and Bangalore in a span of just two weeks, with hundreds in attendance at each event. This was a landmark conference series for Liferay and we are very proud of our teams in the US, Germany, and India for putting them together.

As we shared at our events, our main goal for these events is to get in front of our community, meet them face to face and build relationships with the people who are using Liferay to innovate business solutions. Here are some of the highlights of the stories that were shared at the Symposiums: 

  • Monster Energy is a new dynamic website built on Liferay Portal with streaming video and custom marketing channels for independent musicians and athletes.
  • Sesame Street won an Emmy for its public website that relies on Liferay's Web Content Management System to deliver personalized and interactive games and videos to a growing audience of more than a million visitors per month. 
  • Product Partners runs teambeachbody.com on Liferay, powering a 1.3 million-member community of fitness enthusiasts that use live video conferencing to work out with buddies online.
  • T-Mobile Czech Republic built a new eBusiness portal on Liferay that gives customers improved self-service account management and commerce capabilities.
  • Yamaha Motor Solutions India delivered tremendous time-to-market and delivery cost benefits to its client, 2DegreesMobile, using Liferay Portal.
  • Liferay powers the NBA Stock Exchange, a highly scalable, revenue-generating fantasy basketball league
  • Digital Insight, a leading white-label online banking provider to the mid-market banking industry, uses Liferay in a flexible ASP model that allows it to provide personalized, independently branded online banking websites to each of its potential 1900 customers


We also had the chance to meet a number of our partners and community developers. People throughout the US, EU, India, and beyond are using Liferay in a number of different scenarios: 

  • One gentleman is starting a company around making clinical trials for new drug treatments more efficient using Liferay
  • Vaadin is integrating their rich user interface library with Liferay to make it even easier to bring Liferay-based RIAs to your desktop
  • The advanced research arm of a major auto manufacturer struggled with Websphere Portal for over a year; when they finally moved their employee portal to Liferay, they saw immediate productivity and return on investment
  • A software group in India uses Liferay as an integrated part of their workflow and BPM solution, with a full GUI workflow editor and portlet integration
  • A young group of Hungarians provides Liferay-related services and support to the European market from their startup in Budapest
  • The guys at Level Studios are doing phenomenal work on a number of Liferay-based web properties 

2009 European Symposium held at the Sheraton Offenbach Hotel

These case studies and community profiles show that Liferay has quickly evolved beyond being "just" a portal. Liferay has become the leading enterprise web platform for building solutions that combine portal, content, social collaboration, and enterprise integration technologies to uniquely address business challenges in today's enterprises. 

Our vision for the Liferay ecosystem continues to evolve, so stay tuned to this blog to find out more how we're working to maximize the mutual success of our customers, community members, and partners.