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Oracle Quietly Discontinues OpenSSO, Picked up by ForgeRock

Company Blogs February 24, 2010 By Bryan Cheung Staff

According to the H, Oracle has quietly discontinued OpenSSO Express, the community version of OpenSSO previously made available by Sun. It'd be sensationalistic to make any wide-sweeping generalizations about Oracle's approach to open source from a single incident, but one thing clearly illustrated is that open source software uniquely mitigates risks for its users. Had OpenSSO been proprietary software, the acquisition of Sun could have left OpenSSO completely inaccessible forever, destroying the value of any investment made into the technology. But with access to the source, a new organization (ForgeRock in this case) can come in and continue where Sun left off. 

Good luck to Lasse and the ForgeRock team and kudos for delivering on the promise of open source. 

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Wow. While it's disappointing that Oracle went... Joshua Asbury February 25, 2010 6:50 AM
I'm wondering what will happen in SUN (now... Denis Signoretto February 25, 2010 9:48 AM

Wow. While it's disappointing that Oracle went that route, cheers to the ForgeRock for being great stewards of a great project.
Posted on 2/25/10 6:50 AM.
I'm wondering what will happen in SUN (now Oracle SUN) involvement in Liferay development.

Do you have any news about it?

Posted on 2/25/10 9:48 AM.