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Liferay Mobile SDK Release

Company Blogs February 14, 2014 By Bruno Farache Staff

Dear Liferay developers, we're pleased to announce the release of Liferay Mobile SDK 1.0 beta!


At Liferay, we have a team of engineers focused on developing native mobile apps and we've learned a lot during the development of these apps. We thought it was time for us to share our knowledge with our community.


We know it is pretty easy to consume Liferay's RESTful web services, however, there are some nuances that can be trickier if it's the first time you're trying to develop a mobile app that accesses them.


Our Liferay Mobile SDK makes it easier to create mobile apps that are connected to Liferay portals, it takes care of authentication, services discovery, JSON parsing and server error handling for you. It hides complexity from the developer and almost feels like you are making local service calls from a plugin.


For those developers who are used to our Service Builder, the Mobile SDK can be seen as a client side code generator. For each new Liferay Portal version we release, we will be releasing a new Mobile SDK version that you can use to consume portal core services.


Since the SDK is auto-generated, it also means that you can generate client side code for your custom portlet services as well.


Right now we support iOS and Android, but this is only the beginning: we have plans to include support for more platforms in the future!


Say for example you want to develop an Android app that displays the latest blogs posts from your portal instance, that's how you would do with the Mobile SDK:

Session session = new SessionImpl("http://localhost:8080", "test@liferay.com", "test");  BlogsEntryService service = new BlogsEntryService(session);
JSONArray jsonArray = service.getGroupEntries(10184, 0, 0, -1, -1);

Easy, isn't it? All remote portal services are available in the SDK.


If you are interested in more details, the binaries, source code and documentation can be found here:


We have also created two sample apps that show how the SDK can be used:

https://github.com/brunofarache/liferay-mobile-sdk-sample-android (Android)

https://github.com/brunofarache/liferay-mobile-sdk-sample-ios (iOS)



If you got any questions or feedback about the new Liferay Mobile SDK, don’t hesitate in posting in our forum:





We are looking forward to see lots of amazing apps developed with the Mobile SDK! Happy coding!

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Hi Bruno, great news!! Can you tell me which... Denis Signoretto March 3, 2014 12:38 AM
Hi Denis: 6.2 Juan Juan Fernández March 13, 2014 1:22 AM
Hi all, how can I retrieve user's... Gaetano Calcagno November 10, 2014 2:05 AM

Hi Bruno,

great news!! Can you tell me which versions of Liferay are supported?

Posted on 3/3/14 12:38 AM.
Posted on 3/13/14 1:22 AM in reply to Denis Signoretto.
Hi all,

how can I retrieve user's expandobridges?!

I'm using:

ExpandoValueService expando = new ExpandoValueService(session);
expando.getData(companyId, className , tableName, ColumnName, classPK);

I'm able to retrieve companyId, buth how can I retrieve others fields?

Posted on 11/10/14 2:05 AM.