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Spain Symposium and hanging out in Madrid

Company Blogs April 25, 2010 By Brian Chan Staff

I barely made it to the Spain Symposium one hour before the event was supposed to start because of the chaos from the Icelandic ash cloud. But I'm glad I made it there safely. The event was very well attended and we could feel the excitement that the Spanish market has regarding open source, and specifically, regarding Liferay.

Here's a picture of me giving a talk about Liferay on the Cloud.

It was funny hearing our Spanish coworkers giving a talk about innovating with Liferay, but in their native tongue...

After the event, we took some time out to try some tapas...

And if you ever thought you only see weird foods at Chinatown, that's not true. Spain's got its fair share. Apparently, they buy a pork leg and eat it for several months.

Paul brought along his son for some good father / son bonding time. Mike was such a good example, he didn't even break any drinking laws.

Enjoying a late lunch with our Spanish developers at VIPS. Spaniards tend to eat lunch at around 2-3 pm. I couldn't handle it so we all ate early at around 1:45 pm.