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Lakers win at buzzer with help of Liferay Global Support

Company Blogs December 10, 2010 By Brian Chan Staff

We decided to relax a bit Wednesday night and headed out to a Lakers game. After all, we are in LA, and we love basketball here. We had some pretty good seats. Here's a pic of Kobe laying it up.

Here's a pic of other Liferay peeps wearing our retreat shirt.

We actually got on the jumbo cam 3 times!

But nothing beats how the game ended. We were afraid it would be a blow out (Lakers beating the Clippers by 20 points or so), but the game was a nail biter. Derek Fisher drove in and made the winning shot at the very last millisecond (literally) possible. We reviewed the footage, and to our surprise, we were actually in it.

It's a little hard to see (you can click on the photo to make it bigger), but that's Jorge next to #9's butt and a bunch more of us who were wearing our Liferay shirts on the left and right. We'd like to think that our cheering had a hand in helping Derek Fisher make the shot :) We got this photo by taking a screenshot of this video.

But it really wasn't about the game. It was about hanging out and getting to know each other outside the context of normal day to day duties. We were blessed with a really good time of fun and fellowship - something we do not deserve.

Here are some more photos on Flickr if you're curious.