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Users can now specify a password at account creation

Company Blogs April 14, 2009 By Brett Swaim Staff

I made a slight change to the login portlet that gives the user the option to create their own password, instead of always having a random password emailed to them at creation time. To enable this new functionality, edit portal-ext.properties and paste this line:


Keep in mind that this is for 5.2.3+, or trunk revision 26905+.

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I would to know is there a way to upload my... Paul Sudhakar April 19, 2009 10:37 PM

I would to know is there a way to upload my existing website ( html files ) into liferay ?
If that feature is not there then what is the way out to do this. My idea is not to recreate my existing web site instead I would like to upload. Can this be achieved by writing a scrip for it.
Posted on 4/19/09 10:37 PM.