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JUGs in Ohio (Columbus)

Company Blogs December 3, 2007 By Brett Swaim Staff

Since there are now six Liferay developers living in Columbus, Ohio Monday through Thursday I was thinking that we could start showing up the JUGs if anybody is interested. I have done quite a bit of training on Liferay, and we would have a few guys there that really know the Liferay architecture well. If anybody would be interested in having us show up one night and speak on Liferay, OSS, java, and webapps in general we would be happy to oblige. We tend to be available Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings from 6pm - midnight. Please e-mail me at bswaim at liferay dot com and we can set something up.

Topics we would love to chat about:

  • Liferay installation
  • IDE setup and debugging (Eclipse, Intellij)
  • Creating new portlets in Liferay
  • Working with current code in Liferay, overriding code to change default portal features
  • Liferay architecture
  • The OSS community, and what role Liferay plays in OSS
  • Portal technology in general
  • General support for problems in Liferay
  • AJAX in Liferay using service builder, jQuery, and JSON.

We would love to see problems people are having with their installations or running portals and try to help out with that as well.