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Company Blogs November 13, 2007 By Brett Swaim Staff

So last night as I sat in my hotel room in Ohio I was reading a thread about Android, Google's open handset OS. I decided to download the SDK and give it a crack. The first things I noticed were the steller documentation and the ease of constructing a basic app... I had created a simple hello world app in about 15 minutes, 13 of those being reading the doc. It made me realize a few things, first off I could parrot the age old "Liferay's documentation isn't that great" which we all know, but I feel I shouldn't. There is a significant difference between creating a basic app in Android and creating a portlet in Liferay. I would actually argue that it's much easier to modify Liferay code in the EXT environment than it is to create an app in Android. If you need to change a jsp, simply duplicate the path in ext and change what you need to... it's that easy. Of course creating portlets and DAO stuff will be harder than a phone app... it's a lot more robust. The second thing that I realized is that Android is very very basic at this point, the SDK isn't there yet.. but when it does get there I hope we as a team can learn from what they have done and perhaps integrate their ideas into our core.

In my free time when I get stuck on some Liferay stuff I'm working on I'm thinking about clearing my mind by working on an Android app... but what should it be? It could be a Liferay app (webdav access anyone?) or something along those lines... but I'm unsure.. give me suggestions!

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I'm thinking an RSS Aggregator... I love those... Brett Swaim November 13, 2007 12:05 PM
Have anyone tried the Liferoid app? Is there... Dejan Milojevic October 3, 2012 11:48 AM

I'm thinking an RSS Aggregator... I love those things and they are super useful on a phone... plus I always need more xml manipulation experience so I get to flex those muscles a bit more.
Posted on 11/13/07 12:05 PM.
Have anyone tried the Liferoid app? Is there any rss reader for android to recommend for liferay blogs?
Posted on 10/3/12 11:48 AM.