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Service Builder Presentation Info

General Blogs April 20, 2013 By David H Nebinger

So I received bunch of emails on Service Builder after my webinar last month...  Thought I'd write up a blog entry that will end up in the search engines and hopefully lead folks here to get to the details...

Anyway, the recorded presentation is available on the Liferay LIVE Web Events page.  You can listen to the whole presentation and watch as my demo fails during the presentation...  wink

All of the projects used for demo are actually available in this forum post in the second message of the thread.

Now for the keywords that will get you here...

The presentation covers how to do some basic Service Builder functions, but also features:

  • one-to-many relationship handling.
  • many-to-many relationship handling.
  • accessing an external (non-Liferay) database.
  • using 'fake' (non-database-backed entities) to build shared code modules using Service Builder.
  • Vaadin and Service Builder integration.


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Hi David , There one correction need to be... Manish Yadav April 23, 2013 2:17 AM
Sorry, the link is up to Liferay to change. ... David H Nebinger April 23, 2013 5:15 AM

Hi David ,
There one correction need to be done. I am trying to download Liferay LIVE Web Events in MP4 format . Present Hyperlink is
it should be
Posted on 4/23/13 2:17 AM.
Sorry, the link is up to Liferay to change. I'd post something on the forum thread, perhaps James will see it and get it updated...
Posted on 4/23/13 5:15 AM.