Rivet Logic Presents Going Mobile with Liferay 6.2


Web traffic from mobile devices is estimated to overtake that of desktops this year, and by 2017, 87% of internet-connected devices are expected to be smart phones and tablets. Modern users expect a seamless experience between their desktop and mobile devices, and enterprises that do not deliver an engaging mobile experience risk losing valuable customers. Employee portals and applications are no different. With workplace smart phone and tablet use growing at such a rapid pace, businesses must deliver an effective, productive, and user-friendly mobile experience to their workforce. So the burning question many organizations are grappling with is: "What's the most cost effective way to strengthen my mobile presence for both customer and employee facing applications?" Join Rivet Logic and Liferay for this webinar and learn how Liferay 6.2's new mobile support will help organizations deliver engaging mobile experiences. We will demonstrate Liferay's new built-in support for responsive web design and showcase how next generation enterprise applications can easily be made mobile-friendly with little effort.

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