Liferay Marketplace: New and Interesting Updates


The flexibility and feature set of the open source Liferay platform has attracted developers from around the world to create compelling applications for the modern web. With the Liferay Marketplace, the community now has an easy way to distribute their Liferay apps to the over 500,000 deployed Liferay sites. In this presentation, James Falkner, Liferay's Community Manager, will give an update on the Marketplace, including technical details about how the Marketplace works, how to get your apps developed, tested, and published, what to expect during the process, what to expect in the upcoming new Liferay releases, and guidance on the kinds of apps that will make the biggest impact for your business. He will also provide updates on the upcoming E-Commerce features, details of the Liferay Marketplace App Contest, and what it takes to win! If you have an interest in the Marketplace and how to get your apps "out there," you won't want to miss this one!

Download: MP4 | Ogg