Introduction to Liferay Marketplace E-commerce


Over the past one and a half years, Liferay Marketplace has grown remarkably, registering more than 600 developers from over 25 countries and growing almost five times its number of apps. With the launch of e-commerce this March, the Liferay Marketplace continues to grow and evolve. Developers get a well-trafficked, proven platform to have their Liferay expertise pay dividends, and the Liferay community benefits from a growing universe of high-value apps that meet specific business and technical needs. This webinar is aimed at both Liferay Portal users and platform developers. Join us for an exciting discussion that will cover: overview of new Liferay Marketplace e-commerce features, benefits for Liferay users and developers, key questions from the community after the initial launch, and what's next for the Liferay Marketplace.

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