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Radio Liferay Episode 58: Jorge Ferrer continued

  Two episodes (or an eternity) ago, I spoke to Jorge Ferrer, Liferay's VP of Engineering. We didn't have enough time to finish the conversation, so we continued a while after - and then I buried the recording /o\. Anyway, apart from it being still from "before the release of the current version", it's still relevant stuff, I feel bad about missing to post it. Check for yourself - here it finally is.

As before, we're speaking about various internal and external topics and I've also been teasing him a bit.

We're talking about these (and more) topics

  • Microservices vs Monoliths
  • Shortly before the release many modules were moved around and renamed. We talk about the reasons and what this meant for the translations
  • What's the meaning of "Feature-Complete"?
  • A lot of Feedback starts to come in during the Beta Cycle
  • Nitpicking on the Beta Criteria: JBoss and Upgrade Routines
  • Lookahead on the next episode on Performance Tuning
  • Releaseplans (of course, I could have retrofitted an exact release date...)
  • What's it like to be hired into Liferay Engineering?
  • Is it forbidden to write Javadoc?

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Typo in (rr in... Geert van der Ploeg September 21, 2016 2:44 AM
Oops - probably a leftover of my Carrera racing... Olaf Kock September 21, 2016 3:06 AM

Typo in (rr in carreers)
Posted on 9/21/16 2:44 AM.
Oops - probably a leftover of my Carrera racing career. Corrected, thanks.
Posted on 9/21/16 3:06 AM in reply to Geert van der Ploeg.

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