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Radio Liferay Episode 57: Jim Hinkey and Cody Hoag on documentation

  Today I'm welcoming a repeat guest and a new one: Jim Hinkey (of episode 21 fame) and Cody Hoag - both from Liferay's documentation and knowledge management team. This episode has unfortunately suffered from various disturbances in the space-time-continuum: I had it sitting on my disk for quite a while. The Javadoc Contest that we've "started" in this episode was actually published/announced in the meantime and unfortunately ended recently. Congratulations to Sébastien and Marcellus. However, not to render the call for action in this episode useless, let's start another one soon - there can't be enough Javadoc, and I admit that we have still plenty of opportunities to write new documentation left for you. Please subscribe to the comments on Cody's winner's announcements to see the update - I'll also mention it on a Radio Liferay episode once it's been restarted. But I'll also put a word in for you if you already write the javadoc now.

In this episode we're talking about these (and more) topics

  • glimpse of history - remembering episode 21 with Jim
  • Javadoc coverage went up from then on
  • Javadoc metrics tool by Cody
  • Javadoc contribution process: Send to liferay user repo, tag Cody @codyhoag
  • Javadoc guidelines on (two flavors - basic and advanced guidelines)
  • Submitting Unit Tests together with Javadoc
  • The new home for documentation,
  • "Edit on github" available for documentation. Use it - it's easy.
  • Documentation: Javadoc, Taglibraries and other duties of the team.
    (mention Mike Williams on taglib pullrequests)
  • and its content
    blade repository (in the meantime moved from Ray's to Liferay's repository)
  • Migration Tutorials (WAR->7.0->modules) on
  • "blade migrate" is (at least temporarily) out??? (summoning Greg)
  • the current Javadoc Contest and a cheesy mentioning of 2015's internal javadoc contest) (#2 Igor Beslic, #1 Moi)
    • (and some hints on how to dominate a javadoc contest)

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