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Liferay Hungary Symposium Pics and Videos

Company Blogs 9 de Junho de 2011 Por Steve George

After months of preparation, careful planning, Liferay Hungary Kft, finally hosted its first annual Hungary Symposium with over 100 attendees who were at awe with the new offerings Liferay has to provide. Between Igor Spasic' presentation on Sandbox and Julio Camarero's endless list of features and benefits of Liferay 6.1 EE attendees had their share of information on why to go EE and why Liferay. Furthermore, to hear partners and clients alike speak highly of their experience with Liferay and ease of integration between systems was one of the highlights which some of the decision makers were waiting to hear.

I could go on and on about how the symposium turned out but I rather show you how the event fared with in the Central European region. To see pictures of the event, please visit,

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