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New Liferay Faces project at

Company Blogs 3 de Abril de 2012 Por Neil Griffin Staff

Press Release

On April 3, 2012 a press release was issued announcing that Liferay will be assuming leadership for the community. I'm very excited about this development and wanted to take a moment to provide some additional details.


The community was formed by Liferay Platinum Partner Triton Services, Inc. and Silver Partner Mimacom AG in order to provide support for JSF 2 inside of Liferay Portal. Here at Liferay, we have seen strong demand for JSF portlets from Liferay’s community and customers. Triton and Mimacom recently contributed the projects from to and Liferay has committed to moving the technology forward.

Liferay Faces

Liferay FacesThe website is being transitioned to its new home at

The projects at have been repackaged under a new umbrella project called Liferay Faces along with some name changes:

Additionally, the java packaging namespace has been refactored: org.portletfaces -> com.liferay

Upcoming Release

The first release of Liferay Faces is version 3.0.0-BETA1 and is scheduled for Friday April 6, 2012. The 3.0.x branch is designed to be used with Liferay 6.0.x based portals. After the release, work will begin on the 3.1.x branch which will target Liferay 6.1.x based portals.

In this first release, the Liferay Faces Alloy and Liferay Facs Portal projects have received some minor bug fixes, but Liferay Faces Bridge has undergone significant development since the last release of PortletFaces Bridge 2.0.2. Specifically, we've focussed on developing the remaining features of JSR 329 and have made great progress towards getting the bridge to pass all of the tests in the JSR 329 Test Compatibility Kit (TCK).

Liferay IDE

Features and support for developing portlets with Liferay Faces will be included in upcoming releases of Liferay IDE and Liferay Developer Studio.


The forums at were migrated on April 3, 2012 to their new home at

If your account at was created prior to January 19, 2012 had the same email address as your account at then the posts you made at should still be authored with your name. Otherwise the author will appear as "PortletFaces Community Member." If you're waiting on an answer on a particular forum post, I recommend that you make a comment on that post in order to make sure you get email alerts. Also, I recommend subscribing to the Liferay Faces forum in general.


The issues at will be consolidated into a single JIRA project called FACES and will soon be migrated to their new home at

If your account at had the same username as your account at then issues you created (or commented on) should continue to be authored with your name. If you didn't have an account at then a new account will automatically be created once the migration is complete. If that's the case, then you will probably have to use the "forgot my password" feature in order to setup your password in the new system.


I renamed my @portletfaces account at twitter to @liferayfaces. If you were following @portletfaces then you will automatically be following @liferayfaces.

Enterprise Subscription & Support

As soon as Liferay Faces 3.0.0 and 3.1.0 reach their first production release, Liferay EE customers will enjoy support for Liferay Faces according to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) associated with Liferay Enterprise Subscription & Support (ESS).

License Change

The projects at were released under the Apache 2 license, but the Liferay Faces project will be released under the LGPL 2.1 license which is already used by Liferay on other projects.

Thank You

I wanted to extend my personal thanks to my dear friends at Triton and Mimacom for making this contribution, and to Liferay for taking the lead moving forward. I also want to thank the faithful members of the community for their support and kind words of encouragement.


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This is very excited messsage. I believe that... Morad Ahmad 3 de Abril de 2012 08:01
[...] Hi Ingo, My apologies -- very sorry about... Anônimo 3 de Abril de 2012 11:23
sweet. Thanks, Neil. Jonas Yuan 3 de Abril de 2012 11:40
Really Nice Innovation .....iferay... DarshanKumar N Bhatia 4 de Abril de 2012 02:24
Great News ..... !! :) I believe that Liferay... Navin Agarwal 4 de Abril de 2012 22:58
Realy nice. Jan Bub 6 de Abril de 2012 07:45
cool, but there is no data on the github :) Oleg Yurii Derid 6 de Abril de 2012 14:08
Liferay Faces project now available at GitHub:... Neil Griffin 7 de Abril de 2012 03:35
[...]... Anônimo 10 de Abril de 2012 07:07
[...] Blog Entry:... Anônimo 10 de Abril de 2012 07:09
We all are waiting for this. This will make... Ashish Renapurkar 16 de Abril de 2012 00:38
Very nice. That is really good news. John Joseph Ryan 23 de Maio de 2012 08:10
[...] As part of the migration of Liferay Faces... Anônimo 1 de Setembro de 2012 22:13

This is very excited messsage. I believe that JSF 2 + Portal env is a huge step for rapid application dev. If a portal provides simple (composite) components for it's complicated feature (CMS, Users, DocLib) etc... I am always look for new development on portletfaces. It's great to leave JSP's and move forward to JSF based portlets. Thanks too much again:-) Morad.
Postado em 03/04/12 08:01.
[...] Hi Ingo, My apologies -- very sorry about that. I just updated my blog post, letting people know that accounts created after January 19, 2012 would appear as "PortletFaces Community... [...] Read More
Postado em 03/04/12 11:23.
sweet. Thanks, Neil.
Postado em 03/04/12 11:40.
Really Nice Innovation .....iferay Faces./Liferay Faces Bridge
now it makes easy to create complex UI component and enable event -driven portlet
Thanks Neil..... emoticon
+1 ...
Postado em 04/04/12 02:24.
Great News ..... !! emoticon I believe that Liferay future release will focus on JSF portlets as well.
Thanks Neil
Postado em 04/04/12 22:58.
Postado em 06/04/12 07:45.
cool, but there is no data on the github emoticon
Postado em 06/04/12 14:08.
Liferay Faces project now available at GitHub:
Postado em 07/04/12 03:35 em resposta a Oleg Yurii Derid.
[...]­t-liferay-com Flag Please sign in to flag this as inappropriate. Mark as an Answer [...] Read More
Postado em 10/04/12 07:07.
[...] Blog Entry:­t-liferay-com Project Page: Flag Please sign... [...] Read More
Postado em 10/04/12 07:09.
We all are waiting for this. This will make development too fast and more effective.Best of Luck for this. :-) This is very excited message.
Postado em 16/04/12 00:38.
Very nice. That is really good news.
Postado em 23/05/12 08:10.
[...] As part of the migration of Liferay Faces from to, the Nexus repository is being phased-out. Now that the artifacts are in Maven Central,... [...] Read More
Postado em 01/09/12 22:13.