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Setembro 16
Ken Sperow comentou em LPS-67458.
10:44 Debugging the resource browser within the browsers developer's tools. It appears that browser.html makes an asynchronous call to "GetFoldersAndFiles" with the following sURL: /c/portal/fckeditor?p_p_id=15&Command=GetFoldersAndFiles&Type=Document&SortType=Title&Ascending=true&CurrentFolder=%2F&uuid=1473977114889 {code} if ( callBackFunction ) oXML.LoadUrl( sUrl, callBackFunction ) ; // Asynchronous load. else return oXML.LoadUrl( sUrl ) ; {code} If you trace this down further GetFoldersAndFilesCommand ends up calling DocumentCommandReceiver and within the getRootFolders method it does the following: {code} if (group.hasStagingGroup()) { Group stagingGroup = group.getStagingGroup(); if ((stagingGroup.getGroupId() == doAsGroupId) && group.isStagedPortlet(portletId) && !group.isStagedRemotely() && isStagedData(group)) { groupId = stagingGroup.getGroupId(); descriptiveName = stagingGroup.getDescriptiveName(); } } {code} The code knows that the staged group is staged but it fails to go into the second if block because "doAsGroupId" is zero. The root cause is that the sURL passed in from browser.html doesn't include the "doAsGroupId" that is passed into it as a parameter. I fixed this issue by hooking: custom_jsps/html/js/editor/ckeditor/editor/filemanager/browser/liferay/browser.html. Here are the fairly simple additions needed: {code} 150,158d149 < // KS - need to pass the doAsGroupId if it exists < var doAsGroupIdParam = GetUrlParam( 'doAsGroupId' ) ; < < if (doAsGroupIdParam) { < sUrl += '&doAsGroupId=' + doAsGroupIdParam ; < } {code}
Setembro 15
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Agosto 19
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Agosto 3
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Março 31
Ken Sperow respondeu a mensagem de Sameer Naik no fórum, RE: openid-connect support in Liferay, em Liferay.com.
Março 17
Outubro 28
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Outubro 27
Ken Sperow comentou em LPS-49447.
Ken Sperow comentou em LPS-49447.
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