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Liferay Meetup 2008 - Los Angeles

Company Blogs 29 de Abril de 2008 Por Alice Cheng

Hello Hello!

I thought I'd use my first blog entry to plug the coming Liferay Meetup =):

What: The Liferay Meetup is a FREE event for the Liferay community.

We run sessions throughout the day on various topics presented by our own people, integration partners, and clients. The audience is very technical so it’ll be low on salesy marketing content, I promise. 

In any case, we hold sessions roundtable-style so that attendees can really interact with us and contribute ideas, in true open source form. We got a ton of great feedback on this from last year's event.

Also in true open source form, the event is absolutely FREE. We even provide lunch and refreshments.

Where: Los Angeles; Venue TBD

When: August 1st, 8-5PM

Why: Free, Lunch, Refreshments...and some rousing conversation about technology =)

Email me at for more info.  You can also leave your comments  here  in our lovely Message Board portlet.

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