Liferay CE My Subscriptions

  • Labs: Esse app é experimental e não é suportado pelo desenvolvedor.

This app allows users to manage their subscriptions. Users can subscribe to various assets in Liferay, such as subscribing to a blog post, the comments of a wiki page, a message board category (or specific thread), and a host of other items. The purpose of subscriptions is to be notified when something happens related to the item you've subscribed to. For example, if you are subscribed to a message board category, you are notified when a new post or reply occurs within that category. The method of notification is configurable, but is usually in the form of an email sent to all users who have subscribed. There are multiple items that one can subscribe to in Liferay.

This app will appear in your Application menu once installed.

Últimas Mudanças
  • LPS-69583 My Subscriptions title shows null when subscribing to a Blogs portlet

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