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Shipping Services Integration

Project Description #

Integrate UPS, FedEx and USPS webservices into Liferay.

Project Requirements/Objectives #

Currently, people who would like to use Liferay to set up a store front are limited in the options for shipping packages. By allowing the portal administrator to select the shipping services they would like to offer, it would then become possible to calculate accurate shipping costs. I have a UPS shipping API developed in Java that I would be willing give to this project if it is requested. I would also be open to developing the API for FedEx and USPS if required.

The UPS and USPS webservices will also permit an address validation feature, allowing the user to ensure that they have entered a valid address. Shipping packages to invalid addresses and having them returned can become costly for the seller.

Integrating the most popular shipping services and address validation features will make Liferay more appealing to many small to mid-sized businesses.

Initial Project Scope #

<outline the initial project scope>

Discussion of Design/Implementation Approach #

To implement accurate shipping charges, a weight field will need to be added to the shopping item. Optional dimension fields may be provided in case of over-sized packages.

Depending upon the shipping methods available to the purchaser, they would be presented with a list of available shipping options (ie. Overnight, 2-Day, Ground, etc) with their respective costs that they can choose from.

A configuration section for these shipping services would include the identification information that is required by the different shipping services. The destination address would be validated to help ensure that an accurate address has been supplied.

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