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What about all of the errors on custom JSPs in Hook projects? #

Currently the JSP editor in eclipse can not properly validate custom JSP files in hook projects. Below is a method for removing those errors from the user's project:

  1. Right click your hook project with the custom JSPs and select "Properties"
  2. Select "Validation"
  3. Select "Enable project specific settings"
  4. On the "JSP Syntax Validator" select the "..." button
  5. In the dialog select "Add exclude group"
  6. Select the new "Exclude group" node, then select the "Add Rule..." button
  7. In the wizard dialog, select the "Folder or file name" option and click next
  8. Select the Browse Folder button, and find the custom_jsps folder in your hook project and select it
  9. Then click Finish, then "OK" and then "OK" again
  10. Then right-click the custom_jsps folder and select "Validate". All of the validation errors should go away.
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Oy, at last relieved of those anoying red crosses. Corné Aussems 13 de Maio de 2011 11:24
Perfect!!! Thank you so much. Andrés Cerezo 18 de Maio de 2011 07:44

Oy, at last relieved of those anoying red crosses.
Postado em 13/05/11 11:24.
Perfect!!! Thank you so much.
Postado em 18/05/11 07:44.