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This article discusses how to use the Eclipse IDE with Liferay.

Before you start #

If you haven't already, checkout and build Liferay from source then start Liferay Portal at least once, as described here: Getting started as a Liferay Developer in a few steps

Basic Configuration #

Download and install the Eclipse IDE.

Install Liferay IDE, the official set of Eclipse plugins for Liferay Portal development.

Import the 'portal-master' Eclipse project from source root. It should compile without errors right away.

Debug Liferay on Tomcat from Eclipse #

See main article: Eclipse Debugging Liferay on Tomcat

Run Liferay unit and integration tests from within Eclipse #

See main article: Eclipse Running Liferay tests

Let Eclipse enforce Liferay coding conventions #

See main article: Eclipse and Liferay coding conventions

See Also #

Eclipse Tips and Tricks

Optimal Liferay Core Development with Eclipse

Liferay IDE vs Liferay Developer Studio (TL;DR: LDS is an all-in-one Liferay and Eclipse bundle; LIDE are plugins you install on top of your Eclipse of choice.)

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Nice work Bijan! Been meaning to doc this... Ray Augé 18 de Abril de 2010 14:21
Hey can anyone tellme how to set up eclipse... Pankaj Sinha 26 de Abril de 2010 21:05

Nice work Bijan! Been meaning to doc this forever. Now I don't have to. Thanks emoticon!
Postado em 18/04/10 14:21.
Hey can anyone tellme how to set up eclipse environment for liferay portals...i want to make and debug portlets from eclipse rather than SDK...plz help
Postado em 26/04/10 21:05.