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Release Information and Schedule

Liferay generally aims to do a new release every 12-18 months, with update releases inbetween each major release.  Each release has an associated name (for example Liferay Social Office 2.0 CE GA1) and numeric version (for example 6.2.10).  You can read details about the versioning and the release process on the Versioning Policy page.

When new releases are planned or released, they will appear on this page.  To get notified, subscribe to the RSS feed at the bottom of the page, or get involved with our various community programs to keep abreast of latest developments.

Getting Support

Support for Liferay Portal comes from the wonderful and active community, from which Liferay itself was nurtured into the enterprise offering it is today. Please visit the community pages to find out more about the myriad avenues through which you can get your questions answered.

Liferay and its worldwide partner network also provide services, support, training, and consulting around its flagship enterprise offering, Liferay Portal EE, which is generally released 1-2 months after each Community Edition release.


 Liferay IDE 1.6 (click to expand)
July 2012

Links: Project Site | Documentation | Source Code | Download | Issue Tracker | Community

Note: This is a previous release of Liferay IDE. New projects are strongly encouraged to use the most recent release of Liferay IDE, as this will maximize the service life.
The latest release of Liferay IDE version 1.6.0 has been made available today.  Head over to the downloads page if you want to grab an archived updatesite or an "all-in-one" bundle of both Eclipse Juno and Liferay IDE.  The new version brings compatibility with the most recent Eclipse Juno (4.2) release.  Please use the following updatesite for Eclipse Juno:
If you are using an older version of Eclipse (3.6, 3.7) this latest release is also available to you as an update.  From your Eclipse installation that contains Liferay IDE just do Help > Check for updates...  If you do not already have a Liferay IDE installation, here is the Eclipse update site URL for new installations:
If you find any issues with this new version please head over to Liferay IDE forums and post the issue or create a ticket in JIRA.
In addition to being compatible with Eclipse Juno and several bug fixes, there were several minor enhancements that I'd like to mention from this release below.  Also, special thanks to Kamesh Sampath for contributing an enhancement to enable non-default ROOT configurations for Tomcat bundles.

Notable New Features

  • Automated source attachment for Liferay Portal classes
  • Added support for supported JSF Component Suites
  • Zoom, Print, Save as Image actions available for Service Builder Diagrams

Whats next for Liferay IDE?

What up next for Liferay IDE project is version 2.0, which should bring remote portal structured content editing, the much-awaited Maven support along with some better theme development support.  If you want to help with testing these new 2.0 features, just add the Juno nightly build URL below:

** requires nightly build of 6.1.1 portal and 6.1.1 SDK after Jun 21