Liferay IDE


  • Liferay Plug-ins SDK Support 
  • Liferay Portal Tomcat Bundle Support 
  • Liferay Plug-in project types
    • Portlet 
    • Hooks
    • EXT
    • Layouttpl 
    • Theme  
  • Import/Convert existing SDK projects 
  • Server support for Liferay Portal Tomcat 
  • Auto/hot-swap deployment of plug-ins 
  • Custom servers view for Liferay plug-in projects 
  • Smart management of Liferay API classpath container 
  • New Liferay Portlet Wizard 
  • New Liferay Hook Wizard 
  • New Liferay Services Wizard 
  • New Liferay Template Wizard 
  • Liferay portlet deployment descriptor validation 
  • Service.xml visual editor 
  • Liferay-plugin-package visual editor 
  • Liferay-hook.xml visual editor (planned) 
  • Liferay-portlet.xml visual editor (planned) 
  • Liferay-display.xml visual editor (planned) 
  • Liferay Template Visual Editor 

7 Liferay development wizards 

5 Liferay plug-in project types 

3 specialized editors for Liferay content 

Build, deploy, and debug projects on Liferay Portal Tomcat bundle

Validation and content assist for all Liferay deployment descriptors

Supports Liferay Plug-ins SDK

Eclipse Galileo/Helios Support