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Herve Groshens
Configure Google gadgets
22 de Junho de 2008 07:48

Herve Groshens

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Data de entrada: 9 de Julho de 2007

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How is it possible to configure google gadgets? I can select one gadget, but then, I do not have any access to the configuration of the available options... Each time we click on the configure icon, we come back to the selection of a gadget, but without the possibility to change or to setup any option...

I know this was working fine in 4.3.x of liferay, but now, I have done a fresh install of 5.0.1, and I see that there were some changes.

Maybe I missed something, but even in the wiki pages, I cannot find the information.
Julio Camarero
RE: Configure Google gadgets
15 de Setembro de 2008 01:19

Julio Camarero


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Data de entrada: 15 de Julho de 2008

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Hi Herve,

the wiki page is back again here: Wiki - Google gadgets

Fred Wu
RE: Configure Google gadgets
30 de Março de 2009 00:41

Fred Wu

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Data de entrada: 29 de Maio de 2007

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Checked the wiki and tested the new installation of liferay portal 5.2.2, google gadget portlet configuration seems cannot show any Google Gadget to be re-selected, see the attached images.





Anexos: google-gadget-portlet-config-03.jpg (132,0k), google-gadget-portlet-config-04.jpg (93,9k), google-gadget-portlet-config-05.jpg (54,4k), google-gadget-portlet-config-06.jpg (42,6k), google-gadget-portlet-config-07.jpg (55,7k)
Fabrice Clari
RE: Configure Google gadgets
2 de Abril de 2009 07:08

Fabrice Clari

Ranking: Junior Member

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Data de entrada: 28 de Outubro de 2008

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Same for me... It seems that the Google guys changed things on their side :-(
I'll try to fix that and post a workaround if it works...

UPDATE: some corrections have been provided by some folks on the support website. Thanks! That's here:

Elisa Williams
RE: Configure Google gadgets
6 de Novembro de 2011 23:33

Elisa Williams

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Data de entrada: 6 de Novembro de 2011

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Setting up a new Google Gadget

Set up a Google Gadget widget to extend their application and simplify certain tasks. Find widgets for your applications in a directory of Google Gadgets.
About this task
You can start the wizard to create a new Google Gadget widget as follows.
For examples, see the catalog of widgets public / plugins / plugincatalog.nsf and Notes ® and Domino ® wiki.
Start the wizard button on the toolbar Introduction to Widgets.
Use this method to navigate through a directory and find a gadget gadgets.
Start the wizard used to configure a widget from the button on the toolbar current context.
Use this method if you already know the exact URL that target Google Gadget XML resides. To find a Google gadget, or you do not know the URL of the gadget, the use of the Introduction to the toolbar instead of Widgets to open and browse a directory and find the gadget gadgets needed.
For this example, use the button on the toolbar to Widgets Introduction to start the process of setting sail for a gadget directory.

Note: If you use IBM ® Lotus Notes ®, use the embedded web browser.
Click the button on the toolbar to Widgets Introduction to start the wizard.
Click on the Google Gadget and click Next.
Click Browse the Google Gadgets directory, read the explanatory text, and click Finish to open and navigate through the site.
This opens a directory of Google Gadgets, you can find gadgets.; = tools
Type of local weather in the search bar and click on Search Google Gadgets.
On the resulting page, click a Forecast Weather gadget to open the following or similar:
Optionally, click View Source to see the context in which to base the new widget.
Click the Configure a Widget toolbar button present context, click Google Gadget: Add a Google Gadget and click Next.
Read the terms of the service panel text and click Next.
Specify a widget name or accept the default.
Specify what to do with the flash and click Next.
Cable as an action
This opens the "action wire to set a widget" dialog, allowing you to connect a new content type to a property or existing widget. For more information, see "Cabling an action to set a widget" theme.
Note: Clicking this option opens a list of available properties that can be configured flash for wiring on the site. To set a property as a wire on the site, select from the list. To configure more than one property to be wired on site, open the Advanced tab.
Display as a sidebar
This adds the widget in its current form as its own sidebar as a widget on My Widgets sidebar.
Just configure a widget, for now
This adds the widget in its present form to the My Widgets sidebar panel, where you can publish in the catalog.
Depending on the context of origin, specify additional options on the Advanced tab in the following and click Next to open the "Wiring an action to set a widget" dialog.
Configure - enable to wire at the site of the property. All properties must be wired Google Gadget on the site, so they are selected by default.
Require - Enable to require that the field should be used in action.
Name Display - Use the default or specify a new name.
Note: Each value shows the name appears in the field of property in the Widget "wire and action to set a widget" page of the wizard.
The default value - Specify a default value or specify a default value if you can use.
The "action cable to configure a widget" dialog prompts you to specify whether to use the recognized content or other content, specify the content (type) and wire a content property to a property Widget. Entries in the property field content is derived from the selected content (type), which is the field next to the button again recognizer. Entries Widget property field are derived from selected fields in the previous "Configuring a widget" dialog. See "Wiring an action to set a widget" for related information.
In the "wire as an action" panel, do the following for this example the flash local weather, and then click Next.
Rename the default action to my local time.
Click Recognized content as the content for use.
Select Address in the content area recognized.
Select in the field of the content property.
Select Zip Code Widget property.
Click the sidebar panel and the method of displaying the results.
Click Next to see proof and publication of the panel's instructions and then click Finish to create the widget and close the wizard.
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