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Jeremy Unruh
ServiceBuilder within the trunk (6) Ext plugin environment
23 de Março de 2010 08:28

Jeremy Unruh

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Data de entrada: 31 de Janeiro de 2010

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I've noticed a big behavior difference between defining a service in the trunk ext and a trunk portlet. For starters any service defined in the Ext never creates a, portal-mysql, etc which means LR never creates the new tables on start. Portlets service builder does this. Another difference is finder methods and entity references are never added to the model and the local service util in Ext.

My biggest problem has been I need to add to the current create, edit account actions and from what I can tell this can only be done within the Ext and not a portlet.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong? Can I accomplish changing the create_account, edit, actions and jsp from a portlet instead of Ext which will allow me to get past the service builder non-table and model lacking generation in ext?

thank you for any help, ive been fighting this for over a week and all the documents are for 5.2 not 6 and the results are different between versions.


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