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asif aftab
doView method executing again and again
18 de Novembro de 2013 04:26

asif aftab

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I am having two portlets in same page. I am developing an online shopping web site. Each and every thing is working fine, in one portlet I am using processaction class and in another portlet I am using doview method. I have to display the number of items present in the cart for specific user on the basis of his/her userid and this result will come from second portlet which is having doView method, problem is when ever I am doing anything in first portlet which is having processaction class, second portlet doview method executes. I just want to execute my second portlet at the time of page loading/reloading and when the user added any thing in his/her cart. So when ever he will add any thing in his cart then second portlet executes and I want to achieve this by using IPC. But each and every time when ever I am doing any operation in first portlet doview method of second portlet is executed automatically.
One another thing that I observe that whenever I used doview method in my portlet then no other action class executed even if I tried to call action class by using <portlet:actionUrl> in the same portlet. I am confuse how doView method behaves and why it is not allowing to other class to executes .
Here one thing is enough clear that I am novice in liferay so please help regarding this issue and if any one of you having any document regarded the aforesaid problem then please share.
Thanks alot
asif aftab