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Artem Nikiforov
Reload the portlet after processing an Event
21 de Abril de 2013 00:07

Artem Nikiforov

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High level description
There are two portlets. They use server-side IPC. The first one sends events using ProcessAction(...). The second one processes them in proccessEvent(...)
JSP+Java are used for the second portlet

What I want
I want, the second portlet, when it finishes proccessing an event, to redraw itself.

How can I archive this?
David H Nebinger
RE: Reload the portlet after processing an Event
21 de Abril de 2013 07:42

David H Nebinger

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It's tough. What you're asking to do is implement push from the server to the client. If you were using a modern framework like JSF or Vaadin, there are solutions for dealing w/ push.

For JSP, though, you're left to your own devices for handling server push. Possibly the AUI tag lib might help you here, but you haven't indicated whether you're using any of the Liferay tag libs.