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Mark Phillips
Newbie Questions about Social Office
17 de Fevereiro de 2013 08:39

Mark Phillips

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Data de entrada: 31 de Janeiro de 2013

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I read the documentation on Social Office, and I am confused about a couple of topics - public pages, private pages, and sites. I realize these are Liferay questions as well, but since I am also asking about the use of Social Office for my particular application, I thought I would start here. I have read about the private/public pages in the Liferay docs, but I am still having troubles translating Liferay to my particular needs.

What I want to build is a private site for a couple of coworkers (max 6) to collaborate on projects and share documents. Apps we need - calendar, tasks, address book, shared documents, with everything behind a login prompt and email notifications when anything changes. It would be nice to have https access only, but not critical. I think that means no public pages, but I am stumbling over the terminology at this point. We are currently using just email and a spreadsheet task list. Very primitive and hard to work with. As a first pass, I setup a separate gmail account for all the apps we need, but that is daunting for them and not used. The other users are not computer savvy, so a bunch of buttons for private pages, public pages, sites, etc. will be confusing and off-putting. Just a simple one page url to login and then simple menu to access the information. Nothing fancier or they will not use it.

My questions -

1. What are a person's private pages and public pages?

2. How do these pages differ from a site? I think I am getting confused by all the complexity of Liferay - it seems to be geared for a large corporation with many users, many intranets, departments, locations, etc. I don't mean that as a criticism, but for my application, I need to boil it down to its simplest form for my team of Luddites....;)

3. Should I install Social Office 2.0, then create a Social Office site, then add users to that site? It seems from the documentation that this is what I should do. Or do I use the default site that is initially installed when I install Liferay?

4. Can I simplify/dumb-down Liferay/Social Office to meet our needs?

5. Beyond the documentation would you recommend any other resources for me to read (books, blogs, wikis, etc.)?

6. One app I would like to have in the future is an expense app - some way to enter expense amounts, scanned receipts, and a workflow to process the request and get paid. But I can wait for that.



P.S. I am using the community editions of the software.

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