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Manish Yadav
Best way to migrate Static web site into liferay
30 de Janeiro de 2013 21:42

Manish Yadav

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Hi All,
What is best way to migrate static content website content into web content of liferay. If any website have static 100 pages then how we can fast migrate content into liferay CMS.I know only through WYSIWYG editor. Can any one please let me know is there any way to migrate content dynamically. Or any other way to achieve migration fast.
Jignesh Vachhani
RE: Best way to migrate Static web site into liferay
30 de Janeiro de 2013 22:45

Jignesh Vachhani

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Data de entrada: 10 de Março de 2008

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Hi Manish,

You can create Utility portlet in liferay where you just pass the existing html file and utility will read that file and can generate Liferay web content.
Once web content has been generated, you just need to create page and configure proper web content on that page using web content display portlet and proper layout.
You can also do last step(page creation) automatically but as you have small amount of pages, so it would be great of you create those pages manually from liferay itself.
Victor Zorin
RE: Best way to migrate Static web site into liferay
30 de Janeiro de 2013 22:47

Victor Zorin

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Have a look at this post, it discusses various approaches:
How to use liferay for Larger Sites
Vikash Kumar
RE: Best way to migrate Static web site into liferay
20 de Julho de 2015 12:16

Vikash Kumar

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Data de entrada: 14 de Maio de 2013

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Hi Jignesh,

Thanks for sharing your suggestion.I have some more query on above requirement like how can we tackle with content metadata like publisher,effective and expiry date,content reviewer,history,version control if it there.

Actually we have a similar requirement to migrate content (both static and dynamic) from portlet specific portal to Liferay 6.2 portal.
1.Content migration from Oracle PlumTree portal to Liferay6.2 EE portal.
We are looking for the way to migrate existing content (both static and dynamic type of content along with metadata).
What we can do:
DB to DB content migration with the help of ETL jobs.
DB to Liferay API content migration.
API to API content migration.
Existing portal having content have lot of image as resource on portlet and their resource path would be definitely different from Liferay prospect.So path of the images would be contradicting.

Manual way:
We can process with manual copy-paste from existing portal to Liferay portal but that will not allow to move content related to metadata of the content like author,effective and expiry date,approval info,history,version control and other stuffs.

Here i request you to provide your valuable suggestion and comment on this.
I would be very much thankful to you.

Best regards:
Neha Goyal