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Armaz Mellati
Microsoft Office integration
22 de Janeiro de 2013 00:03

Armaz Mellati

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The user guide states that we are supposed to be able to open and edit MS files directly from MS Office using :
The link to the user guide:

However it doesn't say anything about what credentials to use. Do I use the user-id (as in webdav integration) og the screen name (as in Liferaysync) or the email-adress ?
I have tried them all, without luck. I can not get passed the username/password.

I wonder if this feature is working at all ? Does anybody use it ? What username should I use ?

Armaz Mellati
Juan Gonzalez
RE: Microsoft Office integration
22 de Janeiro de 2013 01:39

Juan Gonzalez

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Use the same as webdav.