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Ricard Cabrera
mp4 files and accept-ranges (Liferay 5.2)
17 de Janeiro de 2013 01:55

Ricard Cabrera

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Data de entrada: 17 de Janeiro de 2013

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Hi there,

I'm having problems implementing an HTML5 video player for a client that uses Liferay 5.2. Everything works on desktop browsers, I just upload a mp4 file to Content Library and then I reproduce this file in a single page with the video tag. But when the page load in any iOs device, the video doesn't play.

I've been doing some research about it, and my conclusion is that I'm missing an HTML header called accept-ranges: bytes, that iOs devices requiere in order to play the video. I've configured the mime type video/mp4 in and it's correct, but still missing accept-ranges.

Is there any way to configure this? I've seen that Liferay 6 have support for this kind of files, but a migration now is not an option.

Thanks in advance, any help will be highly appreciated.
Mika Koivisto
RE: mp4 files and accept-ranges (Liferay 5.2)
21 de Janeiro de 2013 12:05

Mika Koivisto

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Liferay 5.2 Doclib doesn't support ranges and there's no way to configure it.