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Saurabh Mehta
How to display a list of default friends for a user
26 de Dezembro de 2012 10:40

Saurabh Mehta

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Data de entrada: 24 de Dezembro de 2012

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Hi All,

I need to create a page which displays default friend list of a user. Default friends are as below

Taking an example of a school.

1. There are persons with two different roles. i.e(ROLE_STUDENT and ROLE_TEACHER)
2. A user with ROLE as "ROLE_TEACHER" logs in to the portal then on his home page I need to show two entirely different sections of his friends. The first block should contain all the persons having "ROLE_TEACHER" and the other block should contain the list of persons with "ROLE_STUDENT".

Please provide your inputs how this can be achieved.


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