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Abhi Ed
creating hook for StartupAction in liferay
7 de Novembro de 2012 22:02

Abhi Ed

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Data de entrada: 4 de Junho de 2012

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Hello friends ,

I have a requirement to create a hook for StartupAction for adding a custom field to User table in liferay .
But, i have only created hooks with jsp files. Can anyone tell me the steps for creating hook in this case ?
And where can I find that file StartupAction .java ?

Antoine Comble
RE: creating hook for StartupAction in liferay
14 de Junho de 2013 13:31

Antoine Comble

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Data de entrada: 7 de Setembro de 2012

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You can override this properties in :
 2# Global startup event that runs once when the portal initializes.
 7# Application startup event that runs once for every web site instance of
 8# the portal that initializes.

After doing this, you create a class like and when liferay starts up, your code will be executed.

To hook, in your liferay-hook.xml add this :

The, create a file in project classpath and should be work.


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