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Sree Padakanti
Loosing Portal Roles at runtime
5 de Novembro de 2012 05:53

Sree Padakanti

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I have a portal with 5 pages and on every page I have 2-3 spring portlets and 2-3 Web content portlets. All the portlets on every page are configured to be displayed or not displayed based on the portal roles assigned to the user. So the for a given user the number and types of portlets displayed on a particular page would depend on his roles.

I am having LDAP authentication and I have a custom class that is executed as part of post login ( The scope and functionality of this custom class is to read the LDAP user groups and assign respective liferay roles and also assign few other roles based on LDAP attributes. TheLDAP user groups to Liferay role mappings are used for determining whether the Spring portlets are accessible or not and the other roles based on LDAP attributes are used to determine roles that are used to determine the display on Web content portlets. LDAP users are not imported into LR.

The environment is one Load Balancer talking to 2 App Server instances both pointing to NFS mount (for the document library, jackrabbit and other things. i.e. the Data folder) and both connecting to one DB for portal meta data.

My issue is .... When a user logs in he is directed to the default landing page and all the pages and portlets are displayed based on the roles assigned to him. As the user naviagtes between pages and comes back the landing pages some times few portlets are not getting displayed on the landing page. Few times the portal pages in the menu bar are also not getting displayed. Once this happens the user will not get the missing portlets bvack. But if the user signs out and signs in back he gets to see all the portlets. And if the user repeats the same navigation (navigating between the pages) the problem is not occuring. The issue is not happening all the times. Any help would be greatly appreciated.