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Sameer Shaik
Single Sign On (SSO)
27 de Setembro de 2012 23:57

Sameer Shaik

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Data de entrada: 1 de Agosto de 2012

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I am using facebook id to login into liferay portal but when i am logging out ,the session is not getting expired in facebook ,and it is not even expiring in liferay portal too..how to make session expiry in both facebook and liferay portal at the same time ??
Oliver Bayer
RE: Single Sign On (SSO)
28 de Setembro de 2012 01:15

Oliver Bayer

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Hi Sameer,

I'm not sure what is the most intuitive way of achieving single sing out but I've used the following hack/workaround. Modify the logout page of your sso server and include unvisible/hidden images (height: 1px, width: 1px) and use the logout urls of your different systems as "src" attribute e.g. use "/c/portal/logout" for the logout in Liferay.

If you find a better solution let me know.