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Brad Sturgill
Social Office Notifications
18 de Setembro de 2012 10:37

Brad Sturgill

Ranking: New Member

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Data de entrada: 4 de Fevereiro de 2011

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I am having some trouble with notifications and site membership requests. I receive the email when a membership request is initiated but I don't receive the notification. I can see in the service in MemberRequestLocalServiceImpl.java that there is a notification event function but I am getting nothing. I don't see anything in the log files either. I am running a test installation on my local machine, I have not changed the database yet so I am still on HSQL while I am testing. I don't see any entries in the SO_MEMBERREQUEST table although there are entries in the MEMBERSHIPREQUEST table. There are some entries in USERNOTIFICATIONEVENT but none of them are membership requests.

I have been tracking code for a little while but thought somebody might be able to shorten that process. I am assuming that there is supposed to be a notification event when somebody requests membership to a restricted site, maybe that is a bad assumption? Or is there a bug that I should post? Perhaps this could be an issue with permissions/roles/groups/etc?

Thanks for any help you can provide.
Vicki Lea Tsang
RE: Social Office Notifications
8 de Outubro de 2012 17:44

Vicki Lea Tsang

Ranking: Junior Member

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Data de entrada: 18 de Abril de 2011

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Hi Brad,

Currently this functionality does not exist for the notifications portlet. Please enter an improvement ticket in the SOS project at http://issues.liferay.com/browse/SOS

Thanks, Vicki Tsang

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