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Maximiliano Chiesa
Category Navigator Link URL
26 de Julho de 2012 12:48

Maximiliano Chiesa

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Data de entrada: 20 de Julho de 2012

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I'm creating a portlet similar to the Category Navigator from scratch.
My portlet has a list of links that change depending on the page that the user is visiting.

In the Category Navigator when you click on a link it displays all the contents of the selected category. Is there a way of getting the Category Navigator's links URLs programatically?

For example, I have a category called "Category1", so in the Category Navigator portlet I have a link named "Category1" that points to the URL:


Is there a way of creating this URL knowing the CategoryId programatically?

Thanks in advance! emoticon
Dave Weitzel
RE: Category Navigator Link URL
27 de Julho de 2012 08:21

Dave Weitzel

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Isn't it just a standard portletURL (typically a renderURL) with various paramaters set (resetCur and categoryId in particular.

look in the taglib ui code for how standard navigation is handled.