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Bahador Vafadar
Synchronization with calendar
25 de Abril de 2012 23:40

Bahador Vafadar

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Data de entrada: 20 de Abril de 2012

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Hi there

I am a new developer in Liferay and I have spent many hours researching whether or not my personal settings might work or not.
Here is what I want to create:

There is a calendar portlet. Ok, I want to use this portlet and Synchronize it with some activity. Lets say for example that there is a list of activities and when a user is logged into the system and chooses one of these activities it should be synchronized and shown successfully in the calendar.

Is this possible? I have seen many different versions all over using this method. Online games, addons, apps for cellphones etc..

Please share your opinions I would really appreciate all the help I can get!
Thanks in advance.
Best regards
Bahador Vafadar
RE: Synchronization with calendar
18 de Maio de 2012 10:54


You may have better luck at getting a good response for your question from a different board. This one only deals with Liferay Sync, which is a product that keeps your Documents and Media library in a local folder and keeps them in Sync.