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Ketkee A
To edit welcome message on liferay portal
7 de Outubro de 2011 04:19

Ketkee A

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Data de entrada: 10 de Março de 2011

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Can we edit the welcome message on Liferay Portal?

For e.g. when a user logs in, on the rightmost top a welcome message is displayed as "Welcome User!"

can this be changed?

Please let me know.

Manikandan S
RE: To edit welcome message on liferay portal
7 de Outubro de 2011 04:44

Manikandan S

Ranking: Expert

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Data de entrada: 15 de Setembro de 2010

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Yes this can be done.

Login as Administrator user --> go to control panel -- > click Display Settings from My Acccont --> then edit in Greeting text

And for dynamic change try the following,

change the ../your-theme/templates/init_custom.vm
(of course, if you want for all themes change on dock or init file)

and if you want to improve that, to more than one language, just needs to put an if getting the language and customizing.

#if ($is_signed_in)
#set ($user_greeting = "Welcome "+$user_first_name+" "+$user_last_name)
#set ($user_greeting = "Welcome")

this way it overrides the user greetings.

if you don't want that, just put this:

#if (!$is_signed_in)
#set ($user_greeting = "Welcome")

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