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Alloy UI
Hang out with the community of users and developers surrounding AlloyUI. Post your questions or your stories here!
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Liferay Portal
Multi-lingual discussions related to Liferay Portal. Feature discussions, development details, and Liferay's Community forum can be found here.
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Liferay Audience Targeting
Discussions regarding Liferay's Audience Targeting - segmenting users, targeting content to different user segments, creating campaigns, tracking user actions and generating reports. Also included are setup issues and troubleshooting.
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Liferay Connected Services
Discussions related to Liferay Connected Services: https://www.liferay.com/products/liferay-connected-services
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Liferay Documentation
Discussions about the official documentation for all of Liferay's projects, including suggestions for improvements and the contribution process.
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Liferay Faces
Discussion related to Liferay Faces Alloy, Liferay Faces Bridge, Liferay Faces Portal, JSF portlet development, etc.
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Liferay IDE
A forum for Eclipse developers who use the Liferay IDE. The Liferay IDE is the official set of Eclipse plugins for Liferay Portal development from the Liferay team.
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Liferay Marketplace
Discussions related to using the Liferay Marketplace (i.e. finding, using, and managing apps) can be found here. For questions related to developing/selling apps for the Liferay Marketplace, please visit the Developer Forum on the Marketplace Developer Portal: dev.liferay.com.
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Liferay Social Office
Discussions related to Liferay's Social Office product.
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Liferay Sync
Discussions regarding Liferay Sync, an extension to Liferay's Documents and Media system for desktop and mobile environments.
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Discussions related to mobile features and products.
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