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Liferay Social Office

Liferay Social Office is a social collaboration solution for the enterprise that streamlines communication, saves time, builds group cohesion and raises productivity.

An Open Source Sharepoint® Alternative

Documents: Shared document repository with Microsoft Office integration

Communication: Team calendars, task management and contact management

Collaboration: Integrated threaded discussions, blogs, activity feeds and wikis with federated search

People: Searchable LinkedIn-style User Profiles with user tagging, user search, friends, and integrated chat 

Your Enterprise Social Intranet

Liferay Social Office® is a shared workspace solution that helps office teams  work collaboratively using the right tools for sharing knowledge and communicating. 

Everything that modern companies need are included: profiles, blogs, document sharing, message boards, wikis, activity feeds and micro-blogs. 

And unlike Sharepoint®, Social Office is built on Liferay's open source Java platform to ensure enterprise IT can support and extend the application to grow with the business. 

You can download the Community Edition or contact Sales to try the Enterprise Edition.

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With Liferay Social Office:

  • Enhance your existing personal workflow with social tools.
  • Keep your team up-to-date.
  • Find the right people with the right knowledge.
  • Turn collective knowledge into collective action.
  • Preserve knowledge for the future.



Traditional User Communication Experience

Traditional team communication happens when one team member reaches out to another to follow-up, touch base, synch up or just get on the same page. While this is necessary, valuable time is lost to "catching up" over email, phone or IMs. Furthermore, the context in which a team member initiates these conversations is limited to their own experience, workflow, needs, and goals.

A Team Communication Experience

Social Office remedies the limitations of traditional communication by providing an unbroken visibility of team activity so that each person's correspondence and relationships happen in the context of a shared collaborative effort. Not only does this cut down on the time needed for "synching up" and make time for more meaningful conversation, it shifts each person's focus from his or her own tasks to how these tasks fit into the bigger picture objectives of the team as a whole.


Work on documents right from within Social Office or open and save them from Microsoft Office®. Social Office takes care of version control and check-in/check-out. Users can add comments, ratings, and tags.


Integrated chat lets you discuss ideas while viewing assets online. Meanwhile, the activity feed keeps you up to date on team progress.


Assign tasks, create meetings, and share knowledge using built-in calendaring, task management, wikis, blogs, and more. Social Office brings collaboration into your daily routine without requiring extra steps.

A Truly Social Office

Only by allowing everyone on your team to work in the right context can you begin to appropriately optimize its use of available tools. With members working in the context of a team, Liferay Social Office provides access to state of the art document sharing, knowledge sharing, and collaboration tools, all seamlessly integrated, to provide new advancements to they way you work.

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Liferay Social Office Enterprise Edition and the free Community Edition are available  on Liferay Marketplace, our public hub of Liferay-compatible applications. 

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