Too good to keep to ourselves. A thriving, collaborative ecosystem has made Liferay
an open source success story—and we’re sharing the wealth.
The Liferay platform has been in development for over twelve years in collaboration with developers from around the world. And we've done it using an open source development methodology, which is the most productive way to build software today. We think the result is a pretty fantastic product—and we couldn't have done it alone.

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It's all about the community.

Open source is about unleashing the hidden potential of your user community, and ours includes over 65,000 developers from a wide spectrum of industries—inspecting, innovating, and improving our products. Their daily contributions from around the world have helped Liferay become one of the most popular products on the market, with over 5 million downloads and well over half a million deployments.

All eyes are on us—and we like it.

We love being open source because it means we have more people looking over our code, which means more opportunities to improve. From security to usability to plain old bugs, we appreciate the help we get, and we think you will, too.

Open source is more secure: Research shows that security flaws in open source software get fixed more quickly than with proprietary alternatives. It's one of the inherent benefits of being open.

65,000 heads are better than one.

Innovation goes global: Liferay's community of users and developers spans over a hundred countries, bringing innovation from all over the world.

The next big thing can come from anywhere, and we want to make sure we capture it. Liferay's open source product development philosophy fosters a constant flow of ideas and improvements that build on contributions from others. Together, the Liferay community draws upon our common resources to build the best products possible, helping ensure that Liferay outpaces the market in innovation.

Open source has no exit strategy.

The software world is littered with stories of great technologies dying after being acquired by the giants. Only open source software gives you full protection against the risk of dead products: no matter what happens, the Liferay community can push development forward, and our open source license ensures you can continue to use the product forever.