Liferay Notifications

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  • Labs: This app is experimental and not supported by the developer.

Liferay's Notifications app provides a convenient way for users to see notifications of important events on any page. It appears at the top of every page inside the user's dockbar. Notifications also allow users to quickly respond through configurable action buttons.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-42303 Notification Portlet not working correctly with portlet-setup-show-borders-default in liferay-look-and-feel...
  • LPS-50255 When click on the notification portlet then toggling of the edit controls is not appropriate
  • LPS-50262 Notifications and Requests links should be in proper case
  • LPS-50609 When display language German is chosen, date and time format does not adhere to user's language
  • LPS-50772 A user should receive a clear confirmation when changing their Notification Delivery preferences
  • LPS-51473 Notifications portlet sends notifications even if the content hasn't been approved yet
  • LPS-52760 Add Gradle Wrapper to SDK
  • LPS-53122 Updating the Notifications portlet when there are notifications for users causes errors in Oracle DB
  • LPS-53890 Login portlet is appearing within Notification Portlet following session timeout
  • LPS-54203 Notification counter is incorrect after Oracle Notifications portlet issue
  • LPS-55866 If a user subscribes to the Message Boards root category, they do not receive notifications for MB message ...
  • LPS-56826 Message Boards - User does not get notification if they are subscribed to a category but not to MB root
  • LPS-57295 Notification Counter is out of sync between the dockbar and the notifications view
  • LPS-58153 "My Pages" link denies permission in My Account when directed through the Notification Portlet
  • LPS-58384 Requests are not displaying in Notifications Portlet due to Requests from undeployed Portlets not being ren...
  • LPS-58805 Notifications portlet shows MARK_AS_READ_ICON in the message
  • LPS-61273 Keep the Plugins SDK Ant-only
  • LPS-63882 Notifications portlet doesn't work correctly for checkboxes with custom theme
  • LPS-64258 Tooltip in notification is not localized
  • LPS-64503 The notification in the notification bar is not localized
  • LPS-64882 After subscribing to a Wiki, notifications are only sent via email
  • LPS-64904 An "update" notification will be created instead of an "add" one, when a wiki page draft is published the f...
  • LPS-65939 Notifications portlet causes performace problem when Web Content is created/edited in Control Panel
  • SOS-2576 files have English translations with (Automatic Copy) instead of Spanish for several...

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