Enterprise Apps

  • Help Center documentation and knowledge base
  • Liferay Help Center ticketing for Platinum and Gold Clients.
  • Worldwide Liferay Subscription Services assistance with install, launch, and recovery of App

Community Apps

  • Developer's Website
  • Liferay Community Forums and Blogs
  • 3rd Party Forums

Thank you for your interest in this Liferay App!

This is a Liferay Portal Community Edition (CE) app, offered by Liferay. Resources for users of this CE app include:

  • Free use of the Liferay Developer's Website
  • Access to and participation in Liferay Community Forums
  • Access to Liferay's Wikis and Blogs
  • Access to Liferay's public JIRA tickets

Please note that this app is offered in a CE version only. Apps available in an EE version are avaible to Liferay Portal EE subscribers only. As a Liferay Portal EE subscriber, you also have access to other EE apps including but not limited to:

  • Kaleo Workflow, a framework that allows a user to define any number of simple to complex business processes/workflows, deploy them, and manage them through a portal interface.
  • Salesforce.com integration app, which provides easy integration with Salesforce
  • Business intelligence tools providing reporting activity and integration with reporting engines
  • Take a look at our EE apps here.

If you are interested in learning more about the Liferay Portal EE platform and receiving enterprise support, please email sales@liferay.com