Liferay Marketplace is the worldwide distribution channel for Liferay-compatible apps. Now with e-commerce features, developers have exciting new opportunities to gain dividends on their Liferay expertise while enjoying easy app management on a proven platform. Users in turn will benefit from an even richer offering of high-quality apps tailored to their business and technology needs.

Take advantage of Liferay Marketplace to:


  • Select a license term (perpetual vs. annual) and license type (standard vs. developer).
  • Offer renewable Support Services.
  • Customize geographic offerings.
  • Manage sales tax/VAT.
  • Choose your app pricing structure (bundled pricing and ability to offer discounts).
  • Price app licensing based on Liferay Instance (per installation of Liferay Portal).


  • Distinguish a purchase as for personal use or for a project team.
  • Enjoy easy payment processing.
  • Renew or upgrade existing app licenses.


  • Monitor app sales performance.
  • View transaction history.
  • Manage licenses across customers and apps.
  • Get automated app update notifications (when Marketplace is accessed via Liferay Portal).